How to beat your mom at chess

November 16, 2009

So much fun today at the November 9 Queens Academy at the Bookmans Low Lounge in the Sahauro Girl Scout Council Headquarters!  21 women and girls of all ages came out for lessons with 9 Queens instructors Amanda Mateer, Leo Martinez,  Eli  Alster and Jacqui De Sa.

Eli and I worked with the beginners and played some pawn games, knight races, and monster bishop puzzles to learn the rules; while Amanda and Jacqui taught the intermediate group endgame puzzles including how to checkmate with a king and rook. Meanwhile Leo taught the advanced group about knight outposts.

Today was also the first day we tried out our new 9 Queens pink chess boards. With the boards we received some new bookmarks that read “I Beat My Dad at Chess.” Considering the number of moms  and grandmothers that are becoming strong chess players in Tucson, next time I think we need to get some made that say “I Beat My Mom at Chess.”

As always many, many thanks to Bookmans for their continued support of our 9 Queens Academies and empowerment through chess. Special thanks to the Sahuaro Girl Scout Council and Kristen Culliney for the amazing space.

Eli teaches Caitlin how the bishop and rook move.

Eli teaches Caitlin how the bishop and rook move.

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