Chess and Books on Mother’s Day

May 11, 2009


Yesterday, over 20 women and girls of all ages came to the 9 Queens’ Mother-Daughter Chess Academy sponsored by Bookmans. At 2 pm in the Bookmans’ Community Room, we split into three groups. While Amanda Mateer and Jenelle Wallace taught the intermediate and advanced players about tactics and end games, I went over how the pieces moved and captured with the beginners.


We started off by learning how the pawn moves, and then followed up with a quick pawn game. After mastering the pawn, we moved on to the rook, bishop and queen. This was one of my favorite Queens Academies because I had the privilege of working with four adult women who had never played chess before. I find that so many adults, especially women, suffer from what I call "chess phobia or a fear of learning how to play chess." It was so refreshing to work with a group of enthusiastic adults who were excited about learning to play chess. One of participants, a mother named Heather, came so that she could learn how to play with her son, a chess player at Sam Hughes Elementary. Congratulations to all these women and the rest of the participants for conquering chess phobia and supporting empowerment through chess!

Many thanks to everyone at Bookmans for sponsoring and hosting the 9 Queens Spring Academy series.The 9 Queens Academies are free chess workshops exclusively for women and girls. Don’t miss the next 9 Queens Academy on Sunday, June 14th from 2-4 pm at Bookmans on Speedway and Wilmot!

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