Largest 9 Queens’ Academy Ever

September 15, 2008


Over thirty Tucson women and girls of all ages participated in the our largest ever, 9 Queens’ Chess Workshop at the Joel D Valdez Main Library. After sharing stories with all-star chess instructors Amanda Mateer and Jenelle Wallace, participants split into three groups based on ability. Amanda and Jenelle went over positions from the Women’s World Chess Open. More positions to follow!

Cepheus Martinez, a 9 Queens’ intern and chess instructor in training, and I worked with beginners to go over some of the basic rules. In addition to learning how the bishop and rook move, we also played one of my favorite chess activities: the pawn game. The goal of the pawn game is to get a pawn to the other side of the board before your partner does. Each side starts with eight pawns in the starting position.

The pawn game is a great activity for beginners because you only need to know how to move one piece (the pawn), but you can still get some interesting and complicated positions. For example, in the position below: can you find the best move for white?


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