Chess in Charlotte, NC

August 18, 2008

Coming soon, 9Queens Girls Academy in Charlotte! 

I just drove across the country from Tucson, AZ to teach chess full time here.  The drive was gorgeous, but exhausting, and I’m glad to have arrived.

Charlotte is beautiful, and with FM Mike Klein’s help we are going to set up a great program here.  Mike has been teaching here full-time for the last 4 years and is off to travel Europe and write chess articles; I’ll be taking over for him. 

We stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center to photograph the amazing River.

My new neighbourhood:

We used to have Chess in the Parks in NY…maybe we can have Chess in the Forests here!

Email me if you have ideas for chess programs in Charlotte and stay tuned for more pictures and developments!



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  1. eugene brown says:

    I’ve recently moved to Hickory NC from Wash DC. I still have a chess program there,Big Chair Chess Club Inc.We are entering into our third decade as a chess organization, I am also a chess instructor here in Hickory Catawba County school system.I happen up on 9 Queens chess program in an old chess life magizine. I am about one hour from Charlotte I would really like to visit with you and share ideas. Thanks Eugene Brown

  2. Daffney Rowell says:

    Love the movie…Life of a King. Inspirational and might I add…kudos to you, Mr.Brown!

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