April 20, 2008


Last weekend I attended the"Mind Over Matter" Chess and Grappling Exhibition hosted by the Hip Hop Chess Federation at the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement in Menlo Park, California on April 12, 2008. During the event, RZA announced the launch of wuchess- a new chess and hip hop online community. Click here to watch a video from the event.

I secured some great prizes for the upcoming Chess Fest including a chess board signed by RZA and members of the Wutang clan, a free membership to chesspark.com, and a signed copy of Josh Waitzkin’s book "The Art of Learning." Many thanks to everyone at Chesspark who made it possible for me to come and invited me to dinner with RZA, Josh Waitzkin and the Hip Hop Chess Federation.

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  1. Adisa Banjoko says:

    It was great meeting you at “Mind Over Matter”. We hope to do coool things with you in the future. Tell Jen I said hellooooooooo.


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