Chess Fest 2008

March 28, 2008

Jennifer and I are excited to announce the 9 Queens Chess Fest 2008- a free family chess festival to be held at the historic Hotel Congress in Tucson Arizona, on May 10th, 2008. Beginning at 2 pm, the 9 Queens Chess Fest 2008 will offer a range of chess-related activities for the entire family including a chess benefit tournament, a human chess match, and chess workshops for newcomers to the game.

At 3 pm, chess players of all ages and abilities will participate in a benefit speed chess tournament. Prizes will be awarded to the top eight players in the tournament, including a grand prize for the champion. Spectators can watch as the winner of the tournament challenges Jennifer to a game of chess played out on a human chessboard.

To sponsor a youth chess player from the 9 Queens’ program to play in the tournament or to pre-register please email me for more information. The entry fee for the speed chess tournament is $25.00 per person; all proceeds from this event will benefit 9 Queens. Space is limited. Register early in order to insure eligibility!

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  1. Richard F. Quesada Jr. says:

    Chess is the king of games! This sounds like a fun event for people of all ages. As a teacher I use chess in my classroom to promote critical thinking and logical reasoning. I am interested in participating in the speed chess tournament.

    Richard F. Quesada Jr.

  2. Ronald Flannery says:

    What is the schedule of the different activities during the Chess Fest?

    Can you email me an approximate time when this event will be over with?

  3. Edith Shaked says:

    I am very pleased to see the success of Roskruge students!
    Kathryn and I initiated the chess program there, ‘Smart MOve’ with grants from United Way, The American Chess Foundation, and the Tucson Conquistadores (buying T-shirts)
    Edith Shaked

  4. play chess says:

    play chess…

    Maybe there is something to all this after all. Sometimes called Western chess or international chess to distinguish it from its predecessors…

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