9 Queens: Empowerment through Chess

9 Queens is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through chess by making the game fun, exciting, and accessible.

Player Spotlight


Alexandra Kosteniuk

12th Women’s World Chess Champion

“I make an effort to support organizations like 9 Queens and share their commitment to popularizing chess. Chess Fest will be the second 9 Queens event I have supported and attended. ”

Events / Outreach

Teacher Training


Are you interested in teaching chess? Good news! You don’t need to be a grandmaster to be an effective chess teacher or coach. 9 Queens offers free training seminar for anyone interested starting a chess club, working as a chess instructor or developing chess teaching skills.

Topics covered during our workshops include:

  • Planning a lesson
  • Teaching strategies for instructors with limited chess experience
  • How to keep students engaged
  • Teaching the basics of chess
  • Hands on exercises
  • Making chess fun

For more information on our next teacher training workshop, contact our Executive Director Kendra Cass.

I have two over lying goals with my second graders. One, I want them to become deep thinkers. My hope is that my students move beyond obvious, superficial answers to challenges and problems. Two, I want my students to be strategic in their approach to reading, writing, and math. The game of chess not only gives them opportunities to practices skills that move them closer to achieving these goals, it also rewards them for applying these skills. I am, as always, pleased with the work that the 9 Queens is doing with our students. Thank you ladies for having such a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate approach to teaching chess to young children!”

Felicia Martinez

2nd Grade Teacher. Johnson Primary School