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Congratulations to 9 Queens Co-Founder Jean Hoffman! via Chess Life Online

March 17, 2014

Congratulations to 9 Queens Co-Founder Jean Hoffman on her new position as Executive Director of USCF!

The US Chess Scoop goes to Parsippany for the 2014 US Amateur Team East, also known as the World Amateur team. Among the interviewees were new Executive Director Jean Hoffman, young SM Joshua Colas & Elizabeth Spiegel of Brooklyn Castle.

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9 Queens Co-Founder Jennifer Shahade on Understanding Chess Mastery

Awesome TedX 2014 Talk from 9 Queens Co-Founder Jennifer Shahade!

Jennifer’s Ted Talk can be viewed here:


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9 Queens & Bookmans presents Friday Family Fun Night

January 21, 2013


Come and join us for two hours of chess and chess puzzles at the Speedway/Wilmot Bookmans location. During January we will be meeting at 6pm to 8pm the last Friday of the month. See you there!

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Girls, Santigold and Chess

January 14, 2013

Watch closely in this new video from Santigold for the HBO series GIRLS,  and you can see real girls playing chess on the streets of New York City.  So important to see this type of girl power in action!

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October Puzzle of the Month

October 17, 2012



In honor of the release of Brooklyn Castle this week, the October puzzle of the month comes from a game between IS 318k teacher Elizabeth Spiegel and former IS 318k student Rochelle Ballantyne. In the position below Elizabeth is playing black.

Can you find a way for black to win a piece?

Bring the solution to this puzzle to our October Family Chess Night and win a prize!









If you haven’t seen the trailer for Brooklyn Castle yet, watch it here.

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